9 New & Closing Vancouver Food Spots

A hot weekend incoming!

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Welcome to the August 11th edition of Noms Mag weekly run-down!

We're here to keep you in the know on all the latest happenings in the Metro Vancouver food scene. Whether it's new restaurants opening, beloved spots closing their doors, or mouthwatering events to attend, we've got you covered.

Anyways - buckle up and let's dive in to get filled in for this weekend!


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After 5 hours of collecting all the Festival Passport submissions and Festival Missions posts, the winners have been randomly chosen!

Thank you for taking part in our festival activities!

We’re also in motion with planning our next food festival 😉 


Photo source: Catopia

1. 🐶 Dogopia: Richmond's First Dog Cafe Pop-Ups - Experience puppy paradise at Catopia's one-day events!

2.🇯🇵 Saku opening first Richmond location - Popular Japanese tonkatsu brand set to open in Central at Garden City Plaza this winter.

3.🐟 Cockney Kings Fish & Chips heads to Vancouver - Iconic spot is quietly opening its first Vancouver location soon.

4.🥟 New Northern Chinese Bun Stall - Chinese Baozi Master sees massive lines as it opens in Richmond's Yaohan food court.

5.🥩 Black Walnut set to soft open - Vancouver's newest destination for steak and seafood in Cambie Village opens doors this weekend.

5.🍜 Ramen Danbo is coming to North Vancouver - The mega popular noodle shop will be leveling up Central Lonsdale’s food scene!

6.🥐 Small Victory expands to Mount Pleasant - The fourth location is a massive 7,000 sq. ft production facility on W. 6th.

7.🍔 Monzo Burger Launching In Downtown - Kitchen Table Group's new concept is taking over the supposed Momofuku unit, offering a fusion of European fashion and American fast food.

8.🇬🇷 The Greek By Anatoli Expands - New West Broadway location will take over previous Heritage Asian Eatery unit.

9.😢 Sirius Cravings Closing Down - Smash burger food truck to cease operation due to financial challenges.

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1. 🍲 [BREAKING] Dolar Shop rebrands Kingsway location - in a newsletter to VIP customers, the premium hot pot chain revealed that the Kingsway location will be rebranded as CHOCHO, an ALL-DAY AYCE concept.

2.🥤 Coca-Cola Shortage Hits Vancouver - B.C. workers' strike leads to some empty shelves in local grocery stores.

3.🍔 Smash Burguesas Returns for One Day - Como Taperia brings back their popular burger with a new twist this Saturday at 3PM for Just Off Main & Mural Fest.

4.🍓🌹 New Strawberry-Rose Soda at Beta5 - Available from Aug 12, with wild-strawberry infused green tea, strawberry boba, and lychee jellies!

5.🥤Ube Bouquet returns momentarily - Whisk Matcha’s Ube Milkshake festival item makes a limited return next week.


The goods from Bonjour Banh Mi

In Cantonese, there is a phrase called Peng Leng Jeng, which roughly translates to cheap, pretty, and good. A lot of times it is used to describe food that is really affordable & tasty.

With everything constantly going up in price, it is harder and hard to find something Peng Leng Jeng. And even though we spend a lot of our own money on food, we have those days where we FEEL the need to spend as LITTLE as possible.

Yes, that means Timmy’s double-double ice coffee. You know you have those days too ;)

Our go-to Peng Leng Jeng item these days is Banh Mi - which deserves a medal for still being awesome.

Although prices for it have gone ups, you’ll still be able to get one for $7ish and your stomach will be satisfied.

3 spots for darnnn good banh mi in Vancouver:

  1. Bonjour Banh Mi - near Oakrige Mall

  2. Banh Mi Saigon - you know where

  3. Ba Le - several locations around the city

If you know any other Peng Leng Jeng items or spots, let us know 🥺


1.🥟 [FESTIVAL] BC Dumpling Fest (Aug 12) - cultural entertainment, food, vendors; @ Coquitlam Town Centre Park; 11AM - 8PM; FREE 

2.🚚 [FESTIVAL] Richmond Fusion Fest (Aug 11 - 13) - Food trucks, local vendors, beer garden, and entertainment; @ Lansdowne Centre Parking Lot

3.🎼 [PARTY] Just Off Main Block Party (Aug 12) - live music, vendors, vendors and more; @ E.7th & Main Street; 11AM - 5PM; FREE

4.🖼️ [FESTIVAL] Vancouver Mural Festival (Aug 4 - 13) - murals, pop up events, live performance, mural tours; @ City Centre Artist Lodge Mount Pleasant; 2PM - 10PM; FREE

5.🍞 [EVENT] Myloveatfirstbite x Makers Metrotown Macaron Pop Up (Aug 13) - cute macarons, bear cookies, and salted egg cookies; @ Makers Metrotown Store; 12PM - 6PM

6.🚚 [EVENT] Thank Granville It’s Food Trucks (every Friday until Aug 25th) - a haven for foodies with a rotating lineup of food trucks and games; 12PM - 3PM + 4PM - 7PM; Fir Street x 10th Ave

7.🍡 [MARKET] Richmond Night Market (Apr. 28 - Oct 8) - the return of the most popular night market in Canada.

8.⚓️ [MARKET] Shipyards Night Market (May 12 - Sep 15th Fridays) - artisan vendors, food trucks, beer garden, live entertainment; Free admission.

That's all for now! Stay cool and have a delicious and exciting weekend!